No Basis for the Idea of “Race”

Faye Flam, columnist for Bloomberg View, has written an article that should make a lot of people think. In short, there is no biological support for “race.” European scientists of the 18th century were responsible for “creating” the idea of “race,” and the idea was used to justify enormous injustices. A lot of people still believe there are differences between “races,” but even scientists agree that race is a myth. Please take a look at this article: "Why biologists don’t put too much stock in race"

We are, however, stuck with “racism,” the idea that people can be classified by skin color. People still casually describe Barack Obama as “America’s first black president.” Few people stop to think about why they say that. His mother is Irish; his father is Kenyan. What makes him “black.” We do this because of “racism,” based on the mythology of “scientific” racism. It is well past time to reconsider our prejudices about “race” and see people as one large group of human beings—not as separate races.